Monday, January 6, 2014

"The negative issues did not stop hear."

I wish ultrarunning wasn't such a fringe sport, because this is pure comedy gold. It's sad to make fun of the guy (because who can take this seriously?) because he's an international running legend and 70+ years old or something and (now) obviously a nutcase, but I'm going to have a hard time not thinking of phrases like "mistake in the dosology" and "he realized it was bumpy" at the next race.


  1. "He realized it was bumpy." truly is comedic gold! And he wouldn't have come if he had known conditions weren't perfect? When are conditions perfect at an Ultra? He is in the wrong sport if he wants 'hi performance' conditions. The whole thing is rather rude. I wonder if something is lost in translation or maybe Mr. Kouros himself didn't write it.

    1. I think the whole thing is awesome. Yelling at a crew member so much he got Pharyngitis...bahaha! I imagine a bunch of old men yelling at each other in Greek. I guess it's been deleted off of FB.